Our brilliant designers are crazy talented and ridiculously imaginative –
it’s thanks to this bunch of slightly nutty girls with big personalities that we have such unique brandsand such amazing threads. Ideas are never in short supply and inspiration comes from every source imaginable.

With 30 designers based in our Sydney studio, we boast more fashion designers than any fashion apparel business in Australia. We even have 6 mind-blowingly creative print designers, who dedicate every day to creating inspiring and unique prints.

We invest in our designers – we invest in ideas. The heart of beautiful, loveable and wearable fashion is in design, and we pride ourselves on recognising and nurturing new talent.


Just call us Prints Charming – our inimitable exclusive prints are our labels most defining point of difference. Our ability to tap into leading international trends and merge them with vintage influences creates looks that every savvy fashionista just has to get their hands on.

Not only are our fabrics easy on the eye, they’re also produced with the utmost care and precision - our fully equipped textile laboratory provides physical testing, as well as our own colour technologist.

Our HOQ China team are also experts in hunting down amazing fabrics. By having a dedicated team at the source, we are able to create our fabrics faster than ever – the closer to market we can produce, the closer to the trends we can be!

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